AVN Adult Entertainment Expo

Get me to Vegas!!

I've never been to an adult convention before and I'm really wanting to go in January. Not only have I never been to a convention, I've never been to Las Vegas!! So this would be one incredible adventure that I just can't miss! I want to meet all my fellow cam models and all the fans who love the industry so much that they travel for it! There are TONS of events that I'm dying to attend. 

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I'm setting up a crowd fund through Manyvids to insure that I get to go! Expenses covered include flights, hotels, uber, and my food & drinks. I'll be running promotional deals on social media for donations frequently, win exclusive prizes and content! 


Additionally, there are large donation reward packages for the extra generous people.

Content Donation Pack - $150

You'll get all the solo content I make while I'm in Vegas! Including but not limited to Airport/Airplane, Hotel, and Convention videos.

Souvenir Donation Pack - $250

You'll get the Content Pack plus:

A box of gifts including souvenir's that I acquire on my Vegas and Convention adventures, Polaroids, a hand written note, and any other goodies I wanna throw in. 

Date Donation Pack - $1000

You'll get the Souvenir Pack plus:

You'll get to hang out with me at some point during the weekend! We'll discuss the specifics. Mostly this is for those who want to go the extra mile and who believe in me going places in this industry. 

Google Wallet Only.