Send Me Something Special

Cash Money

Who doesn't love money? If you want to make me scream this is a good way. There's a couple ways to do this:

Google Wallet

Preferred method

If you already have this set up then you know how easy it is, if not, it only takes a minute!

What's something exciting your business offers? Say it here.

Amazon Gift Card

International Option

With everything that's available on Amazon these days, gift cards are the next best thing to actualy money. 

Amazon Wishlists

If you want to send me something a little more personal than cash, here are my Amazon wishlists. They're separated so you can navigate them easier lol.

Main Wishlist

This is my list of things that are more practical than more panties haha

Lingerie & Sex Toys

But who doesn't love new panties?? I love growing my collection of naughty things.

Pet Wishlist

I have 4 cats and 3 dogs that love to be spoiled!